Product Configurators
(Oracle CPQ Cloud/Big Machines)

Product Configurator


If you are an industrial products manufacturer or you sell a complex product, you might benefit from a product configurator.

A complex product is one that is configurable or needs expertise at the point of sale.

A product configurator is a software tool that guides a customer through the selection of a complex product, like industrial equipment, that will meet their needs.

Simply put, it helps you specify the right product and make the right product.

 BenefitReasons to Believe
1105% Increase in Deal SizeRules automate upselling to quote all options the customer could use and not just the options the salesperson is familiar with
228.8% Shorter Sales CycleAutomated approvals for technical and pricing reviews reduce sales cycle
325% Decrease in Costs of SaleDecreasing the number of technical resources tied to supporting sales process
449% More QuotesAutomated generation of proposal/quote
516% Increase in Win RateBy getting quotes to customers faster and being more responsive to their requests
640% Reduction in Order ErrorsRules prevent incorrect product configurations
7Eliminates Waste in Operations in the Making of the ProductEliminates checking and re-checking of product configurations for manufacturability
Statistics from 2013 Aberdeen Group study and a Gartner Research study


Contact us to see how much a product configurator will improve your operation! We have implemented product configurators for vitamins and flooring to complex industrial machinery.

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